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About Neville Meredith

Born in 1971 in Kent, England.. Neville Meredith has carved an independent creative existance refusing to be devoured by record label suits in the early 90's, prefering a career in music & film production and theatre sound design.. In the mid 90's his Kurve Record Label showed some talent in the Brit Pop band Shuzbutt, which he was a member, a few years later with the end of Kurve and an early retirement from the theatre industry he formed the band 'uk crisis' under his new label 'RomanTown'.. they have made 4 albums, their last in 2004 'small town prisoner' available in all online retailers.

In 2007 Neville Meredith started a new solo recording enterprise called 'dead revolver' and In Oct 2008 he began to revamp and resurect the defunct US, Detroit based music promotion company Currently working on a new Crisis album, release 2016.

New DEAD REVOLVER album 'SUPERNATURAL ALCHEMY' out now on iTunes and all good digital music stores.

Dead Revolver

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