UK Crisis

It’s 1987 three school kids (Neville Meredith, Ian Reid & Simon Brown) go into a studio with no experience and over the next two years record an album ‘No Loitering’ that gained extensive radio play on the BBC. Unfortunately in those days you needed a record label to progress and none worked out so the album wasn’t released and the band broke up. A few years later the bands songwriter Neville Meredith got together with a pro jazz/blues drummer Paul Pinder and recorded another album ‘Intoxication’. Same problems emerged, record labels wanted to change the sound and the image. Meredith turned down 2 labels siting refusal to conform to suits as a reason.

Then the world changed… the internet was born. Meredith had just finished recording a vinyl EP with the band (Shuzbutt) he was in at the time… it was 1995. The band was falling apart, Meredith asked Shuzbutt’s bass player Russell Grooms to resurrect Crisis with him. In 1996 they recorded the album ‘Adversity’ and released it via on Meredith’s own record label RomanTown. Three more albums followed over the years ‘Spirit Level, ‘Crossover’ and ‘Small Town Prisoner’.. They received critical acclaim on the web winning several Indie Internet Music awards and selling albums & downloads all over the world.

Grooms left the band in 2005 and Meredith closed the lid on it.. apart from one track recorded in 2013 with Grooms which was supposed to hail a reunion and new album. This did not pan out so Neville started looking for new musicians to work with. Meredith has written a new UK Crisis album which is currently being produced, with a new band, and set for release in 2017. Look out for it…

UK Crisis website: Click Here