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Dead Revolver

dead revolver

This is Merediths latest album 'Supernatural Alchemy' available on iTunes and all good digital music stores.

Dead Revolver


uk crisis

uk Crisis was created when the brit pop band Shuzbutt disbanded. Neville Meredith and Russell Grooms recorded 4 albums worth of material on and off between 1995 and 2005 to critical acclaim in the independent music scene Listen to the best of these 4 albums in the mp3 player. The album 'small town prisoner' is still available in all online retailers.

uk crisis - adversity Adversity.

Best described as rock/crossover the first album as UK Crisis - 'Adversity' was recorded in a barn during 1995/96 and never really completed, although this gives the album a terrific raw sound and a unique style which continues till this day.

uk crisis - spirit level Spirit Level

The second album 'Spirit Level' (started in 96 & finally finished in 2000) was a crossover of rock, breakbeat and lo-fi... the tracks 'Cold Dawn' (with guest singer Alanamay) and 'Spirit Level' won several Independent Internet awards....

uk crisis - crossover Crossover

'Crossover'.. was critically acclaimed.. reviewed by Mark Bayross from Phase 9 Entertainment he says, "Despite being released on singer/songwriter Neville Meredith's own RomanTown music and film label, it's impeccably produced stuff, combining laid-back guitar with expansive, danceable beats and the kind of cool vocal delivery rock stars are made of. Stylistically, the record veers all over the shop, from the Mondays-esque dirty funk of ELLIVEN to the Chemical Brothers-style floor-fillers like FLOATING CITIES and extended trance of GOODBYE ADVERSITY".

uk crisis - small town prisoner Small Town Prisoner

'Small Town Prisoner', released in Dec 2004, was the 4th and last UK Crisis album. The opening track 'Circle' was No5 in the Indie Journal's Top 40 Indie Songs of 2004. Singer Alanamay continued her guest role and sang on the tracks 'Circle' & 'Somnolent' The album was picked up by the independent radio station network and warmly received in the Indy community and still sells well in online retailers. BUY CD..adownload from itunes

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